Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dreaming - my compo

Where you just a dream of mine
I dreamed one lonely night
Or did your strong and gentle hands
Caress and hold me tight.

Was it just imagination
That your eyes looked into mine
And in their depths i read there
Loves first enchanting sign

Was it just a fantasy
A longing for such bliss
That i felt the pressure of your mouth
In a hot and hungry kiss.

Was it just wishful thinking
That loving words crept in my ear,
Or did my sleeping heart awake
To find that you were near.

Was it perhaps a feeling
That i felt your strong desire,
Or did a strange excitement
Set my eager heart on fire.

Where you just a dream of mine
Imagination being clever?
Oh please, if it was all a dream
Then let me dream forever.

made last feb 12, 2009. hope you like it. :)

I just only want to be with you - my compo

All my life I’ve waited 
Floating, dreaming, wishing 
For the day when you would come my way. 
My heart flutters at the sound of your voice 
My hands shake as I reach to touch your face 
In heaven there can only be a better place 
Soaring through the clouds 
The wind beating at my skin 
Breathing heavy, feeling numb 
You’re all I need, can’t you see? 

If taking my life is what I had to do to have a moment with you, 
Give me a knife and I’ll be Juliet. 
If wishing everyday would get me to you, 
I’d wish every breathing moment. 
Wherever I go, I see you everywhere, 
What a comely feeling is this? 
I used to feign, 
That you’re just a friend, 
But deep inside, truth never denied. 

I don’t know what it is that makes me love you so 
I only know I never want to let you go 
‘Cause you’ve started something, oh, can’t you see 
That ever since we met, you’ve had a hold on me? 
It happens to be true 
I just only want to be with you. 

Feb. 11, 2009

Desperately in love - my compo

I may have ran out of songs to sing,
I may have ran out of words to say.
All that I want you to know is what I feel for you.
I love you and that is true.

From the moment that I met you
I knew it has been so real.
Everytime we speak,
Baby, you got me so weak.
You still remained special
The reason of why I write
It's something about you
Feelings tell me I am right.

Hold me close and don’t let go
Your love is what I want to know
Hold my heart within yours dear
Hold me now, pull me near

Feel me now our bodies twined
Two become one, a single mind
Feel my body, taste my soul
Feel the love that makes us whole.

August 3, 2009